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In Celebration of National Sex Day, New Research Finds That More than 70 Million Americans Believe Women with Polished Nails Have More Sex

Survey conducted by Spray Perfect reveals that millennials are more likely to agree that women who regularly polish their nails are more sexually active

PHILADELPHIA, PA - (June 9, 2016) — In a recent survey, more than 70 million Americans agreed that women with polished nails have more sex than those who do not polish their nails regularly. The Spray Perfect Nail Sexuality Survey was conducted in May 2016 by a third-party for Spray Perfect, a new spray-on nail polish that is specially designed to leave users with a salon-quality polished look in minutes.

The survey revealed:

“We wanted to undress America’s true opinions about nail polish and the women who flaunt their polished nails,” said Jacklyn Bloemker, marketer of Spray Perfect.  “It was fascinating to discover a correlation between opinions about painted nails, increased sex, being kinky and the extent to which women with painted nails are well groomed everywhere else. The opinions between men and women, as well as different age groups made for the most interesting observations.”
Spray Perfect is available in a variety of colors, including Racy Red, Passion Purple, Party Pink, Naked Nude, Sexy Silver, Whimsical White and Black Beauty. For more information about Spray Perfect, visit www.BuySprayPerfect.com.

Survey Methodology
This online survey was conducted by Regina Corso Consulting on behalf of Spray Perfect between May 16 and 18, 2016 among 2,130 U.S. adults, aged 18 and older. Figures for age, gender, education, income, employment and region were weighted to being them into line with their actual proportions in the population. Because the sample is based on those who agreed to participate, no estimates of sampling error can be calculated. The reference to more than 70 million Americans is calculated as 29 percent multiplied by the American population of 245 million, which totals approximately 71.1 million.

About Spray Perfect
Spray Perfect is a spray-on nail polish featuring new technology that lets color adhere to nails, but easily washes off skin with soapy water. The world’s fastest manicure, Spray Perfect leaves users with perfectly polished nails in minutes. The spray on nail polish is chip and crack resistant, and will last for up to five days after application. Spray Perfect is available at www.buysprayperfect.com in seven stylish colors, including Racy Red, Passion Purple, Party Pink, Naked Nude, Sexy Silver, Whimsical White and Black Beauty.

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