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Spray Perfect™ Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How many applications are in each can?
Each Spray Perfect™ can will provide you with up to 10 full manicures or pedicures.

2. How many days will a Spray Perfect™ manicure last?
When used with our base and top coat, your manicure will last for up to 5 days. You must use the Spray Perfect™ base & top coat.

3. Is Spray Perfect™ safe to use on acrylic nails?
Yes, you can use Spray Perfect™ on your acrylic nails.

4. How do you remove Spray Perfect™ from your nails?
You can use any regular nail polish remover.

5. Are you shipping Internationally?
Currently we are only shipping to the Continental U.S.

6. Does it contain formaldehyde?
No, Spray Perfect™ does not contain formaldehyde.

7. Is Spray Perfect™ cruelty free?
Yes, Spray Perfect™ is cruelty free!

8. Does Spray Perfect work on Gel Nails?

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